Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review for Chapter 3 Test (Day 35)

I'm calling this the Chapter 3 Test, even though it contains only two problems from that chapter of the U of Chicago text. I want my tests to be numbered in order, even if the section lessons and quizzes aren't.

By the way, after I take a break from the U of Chicago text to entertain Hung-Hsi Wu, I plan on going back to the chapters mostly in order, at least for the rest of the semester. It's easier, when adapting my materials from the U of Chicago text, to stick to the U of Chicago order. Many of the examples and questions from the text draw from lessons earlier in the text. But in the second semester, I plan on shaking the order up a little, to make it resemble Dr. Franklin Mason's order more. In particular, Chapter 12 (Similarity) will precede Chapter 11 (Coordinate Geometry).

Many of these questions on the review come from the SPUR questions in Chapter 4 -- indeed, often the same questions that occurred on last week's quiz. Of course, I will change them to different questions on the actual test.

Also, in deference to those who don't have access to compasses in the classroom, all of these questions are labeled "draw" rather than "construct." Of course, teachers in classrooms with compass and straightedge in the classroom can have the students construct the requested figures.

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