Thursday, April 14, 2016

Review for Chapter 15 Test (Day 140)

I subbed in another English class today. I covered both senior classes and freshman classes -- and both of them were working out of ERWC workbooks. I'll continue to watch for this trend as we prepare to think about the math equivalent of ERWC -- the governor's proposed senior math course.

Today we begin reviewing for the unit test on circles and spheres. It covers all of the lessons that we've covered over the last few weeks.

I call this the "Chapter 15 Test," but in some ways this is a misnomer. During this unit, I covered material from eight lessons in five different chapters -- with no more than two lessons from a chapter:

Lesson 8-7: Pythagorean Theorem (for square roots)
Lesson 8-8: Circumference of a Circle
Lesson 10-8: Volume of a Sphere
Lesson 10-9: Surface Area of a Sphere
Lesson 11-3: Equation of a Circle
Lesson 13-5: Tangents to Circles and Spheres
Lesson 15-3: Inscribed Angle Theorem
Lesson 15-8: Isoperimetric Inequality

Here is the distribution of questions from each of the five chapters.

Chapter 8: 7 questions
Chapter 10: 5 questions
Chapter 11: 3 questions
Chapter 13: 1 question
Chapter 15: 3 questions

This test was a bit difficult to assemble. The measurement Chapters 8 and 10 ended up dominating the test since I kept returning through them during the unit. But I know that there are questions from Lessons 13-5 and 15-3 on the PARCC and other Common Core tests, so I made sure to include questions from these -- especially questions were students must calculate angle measures as these are prone to appear on the Common Core tests.

I will spend more of tomorrow's post discussing more of the rationale for including these questions.

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