Friday, September 16, 2016

Field Trip to LA County Fair (Day 22)

In case you haven't figured it out by now with the song I wrote earlier this week, yes, today we go on a field trip to the LA County Fair in Pomona.

By the way, since the original song Meet Me in St. Louis has a second verse, I decided to add another verse to the song I wrote this week. Here is the full version:


First Verse:
When Mona came up to the school, as she sat,
She hung up her coat and her hat.
She gazed around, but no teacher she found,
So she said "Where can the class be at?"
She remembered the noted, she flipped,
She saw it was a permission slip.
It said, "Hear, hear, it's too slow to learn here,
So let's go on this crazy field trip.

Meet me in Pomona, Mona,
Meet me at the fair.
Don't tell me that I'll learn science,
Any place but there.
The barn will have goats and worms soon,
Kangaroos at the crazy lagoon.
Meet me in Pomona, Mona,
Meet me at the fair!

Second Verse:
To the fair Mona wanted to go,
To see the monkey named Mojo,.
Peacocks and giraffes and a whole lot of laughs,
But how to get there she didn't know.
"What, Mona," the janitor said,
"The bus will leave just ahead,
"What good is that?" Mona said, "Read that,"
And the janitor smiled as he read:

(Repeat Refrain)

Obviously, there isn't much math for me to write about today. But there is a little bit of science, since today we really do see some of the animals I mention in the song, including giraffes and Mojo the monkey, but unfortunately my group of half a dozen sixth graders never make it to the barn. As I wrote earlier this week, today's field trip provides a little bit of Life Science for my seventh graders (so I hope those groups get to see all the animals).

I might as well keep this post relatively brief, since I must prepare for my big monthly post on Sunday the 18th for "A Day in the Life." Speaking of which, here is a link to Matt Baker, who's monthly post is scheduled for today, the 16th:

Unfortunately, as of the time of this post he hadn't made his September 16th post yet. (Pythagoras was a nerd, really? Well, I guess if he was a nerd, he must have been the first nerd!)

Baker did recently make his First Day of School post:

As it turns out, Baker is a New York high school teacher. He teaches both Algebra II and a special IB (International Baccalaureate) class for seniors. He began his IB classes with a "Three Act Lesson," which refers to the ideas of Dan Meyer, the king of the MTBoS.

My next post will be my own monthly post, Sunday, September 18th, a day of reflection.

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