Monday, May 8, 2017

Review for Chapter 14 Test (Day 149)

This is what Theoni Pappas writes on page 128 of her Magic of Mathematics:

"Ever become mesmerized by watching a flock of birds in flight as they swooped through the air, going from one direction to the other in perfect harmony?"

Do you remember what I wrote last week, how this chapter is all about the birds and the bees? Well, we already discussed bees last week, and now we reach the section "Chaos Is for the Birds."

In this section, of course, Pappas will demonstrate the relationship between birds' flight patterns and some sort of mathematics. The word "chaos" in the section title refers to chaos theory. This is the idea that something seemingly random actually follows mathematical patterns, and that slight changes can have drastic results.

On this page, Pappas shows us another photograph from my home state of California. This time she gives a photo of a flock of seagulls from the town of Aptos, which is near UC Santa Cruz.

Today marks the start of the SBAC at my school. Also, I decided that I will post the Chapter 14 Review today.

I actually never wrote much about the review during the first two years of this blog. Let me at least post the answers to the review worksheet.

1a. 16x
1b. 16xsqrt(2)
2a. 7sqrt(2)
2b. 7
2c. 7sqrt(3)
2d. 14
3. 12/13
4. 5/12
5. 0.406
6. 1
7. 1/2
8. 1
9-10. There is an error in the way I wrote this questions last year. Teachers may fix the error, and then the answers will vary.
11. AC/AB
12. BD, BC
13. DAB, DCA
14. Draw a vector the same direction as AB, but pointing in the opposite direction.
15. (-2, -9)
16. about 9 yards
17-20. Last year, I combined this with the activity I posted on Friday, but this year I don't. Teachers can decide what to do about these questions.

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